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Geyser Wise

Geyser w.i.s.e. max (for normal domestic and solar geysers, controlling solar circulation pumps and temperature/element management) Supplied and installed:  from R1700


  • Replaces the conventional thermostat with a digital system.
  • Digital water temperature reading/setting.
  • Control your geyser from your palm with the controller.
  • Convenient to operate.
  • Microprocessor Intelligent Control.
  • Quick and steady water temperature control.
  • Power off memory timer.
  • Earth leakage protection.
  • High temperature cut out at 85 degrees centigrade
  • Element failure detection.
  • Leaking hot water pipe detection.
  • Scale build-up detection.
  • Probe failure detection.
  • Load shifting capability to off peak periods.
  • Real-time Clock
  • Four daily programmable time settings, Mondays to Sundays.
  • Battery backup on power failure.

Replace conventional thermostat tested by sabs commercial (pty)ltd in terms of standard iec 60950

For safety reasons and to avoid any further damage the unit will display an error code and shut the system down under the following conditions

  1. Earth Leakage
  2. Element Failure
  3. Overheating » 85°C
  4. Sense Heat Failure e.g. scale build-up, leaking pipes
  5. Probe Failure

Ability to interface with alarm systems (Geyserwise Max)


ITS - 5HDP-Super Heat Pump 5kW

Uses the latest compressor technology with the industries first heat pump specific compressor.

Produces 85°C water where other heat pumps produce 65°C water at the same gas pressure.

Engineered for comfort and class leading efficiency that will save you thousands each year.

Maximum hot water delivery via the ITS patented integration technique.

Environmentally friendly R134a gas.

Unequaled life expectancy.

Quiet and unobtrusive.


Ecogator Grey Water System

The Ecogator Grey water system is designed to ensure the recycling of household water.

One of the best ways to preserve water is by re-using the grey water from your household. Even when there is no rain – you still have your daily household water to re-use in your garden.

The Ecogator Grey water system is simple to use and easy to install. This system is only a collection point for recycled water and not a storage tank. Household waste pipes from your shower, bath and washing machine are extended to a central point, where it passes through a filter into the water tank from where it is pumped to your garden. Kitchen water should not be used as the greasiness and fatty residue may block the irrigation pump and pipes and could pose a health risk.

Everything needed is included in the Ecogator Grey Water system (tank, filter and float switch with submersible pump), It is easy to clean and maintain and is made of durable Polyethylene which is non-corrosive and rust free.
The size of the Ecogator Grey Water System is 120 litres. Regular pumping will inhibit bacteria growth and the forming of odours. The average household could save up to 50 litres per person per day to re-use in your garden.


Ecogator Rainwater Harvesting

Experience the brand-new Ecogator Rainwater harvesting tanks. Designed specifically with aesthetic features in mind, it is taking the South African market by storm. South Africa is experiencing more and more restraints on its water supply and with costs escalating year on year, South Africans would need to adapt to a lifestyle of saving water before it is too late for this precious resource.

The Ecogator Rainwater harvesting tanks (700 litres each), is designed to stack next to each other against a wall and is interlinked with each other at the bottom. A specially designed water level indicator clearly shows you the water level in your tanks.

The Ecogator Rainwater harvesting tanks system catches your rain water from your gutters where it is collected at a central point which flows into the tank and is then pumped with an irrigation pump into your garden or swimming pool.



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- Brian Brodrick, Langebaan